Does anyone have a women’s kokatat dry suit that they are tryna sell? I’m looking for one and I’m really not trying to custom order one. Size small or medium would be best ✌️✌️

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How do you (Pat/Belle) know (Pat/Belle)? Do you sail together?

I literally just always submitted sailing probs and he made me a moderator and now we’re friends. - belle

OFFICIAL Sailing Problems Instagram

We have just created an OFFICIAL sailingproblems instagram in response to:

  1. An instagram account claiming to be us that simply took pictures of their computer screen of our blog
  2. A different sailing problems that uses comic sans.


But really, we have created an instagram account and will begin by posting ALL of our old problems starting with #1 from the good ‘ol black and white days. I (Patrick), promis you that we will post at least 10 of our old problems a day- until we catch up to whatever we may be on with tumblr. 

FOLLOW US @sailingprobs

DO IT -belle

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I cant find them.
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What are your personals?

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